Cala Gonone is located on the 40th parallel of the east coast of Sardinia, in the centre of the Orosei Gulf. The crystal waters, the specific morphology of this area and the microclimate resulting from the marine Supramonte all contribute to make our location one of the most sought-after destinations and the longest tourist season.


The Centre of the Orosei Gulf

An outing to the sea to discover the wonders of the Orosei Gulf with its 30 km of unspoilt coastline is a "must" for those who stay in Cala GononeThere are many options: ferries, dinghies, kayaks or SUPs can be hired from the small tourist port. Whatever your preferred choice, this will be the most rewarding day of your Sardinian holiday. Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Biriala, Mariolu, Gabbiani and Goloritzè await you with their majestic beauty.
For those who move around by car, the sandy beaches and the shallow waters to the north of the centre, such as Cartoe and Osalla, the rocks of "S'Abba Durche" or the beach of Cala Fuili are an extra attraction.

Supramonte Sardinia’s soul

Cala Gonone was historically the port of Barbagia, being the only access to the sea for the sub-region known as Supramonte. This area, wild and challenging, consists of massive karst features such as gorges, sinkholes, limestone outcrops and caves connected to ancient paths for shepherds who spent most of their lives in these mountains.
Shepherds were experts on what are now the main holiday destinations: “The Sea Ox Cave”, “Gorroppu” and “Tiscali”.
Professional guides will show you these beaten tracks, suitable for every type of walker.